Errol's expertise is a dedication to secure the right talent for your team.   Confidence and Experience are built into a fresh recruitment approach. 


Errol partners with select clients, crafting a concise message to the market and attracting the best talent.   He commits to your unique career opportunity and sees it through until the new hire arrives day 1 ready to work.  It's a commitment.


Digital tools and automated ATS's are great, as far as they go.  But let's be honest: It's not a strategy, and it's not a proven process.   You still sift through hundreds of applicants to weed out those you don't want.  But isn't the point to secure and hire with the candidate you do want? 


It may be time to flip on traditional multi-recruiter approach.   Even when you get a hire, you think,"Did we get the best hire in the market?"  "Was the recruiter prioritizing my opportunity?"   As a premier employer, you wonder:  "How is My Company's unique opportunity being delivered to the best talent on the market?" 


In today's market, you can choose to commit to an expert.  EGN will commits the resources to secure the talent you want. 


You will know what to expect.  You will be certain of timelines.  You will know YOUR OPPORTUNITY is being delivered direct by to the top talent in a focused, precise, attractive way.   That's what today's hiring market demands.


That's what EGN delivers you.

Experience and Process

We Use DeepHire to bring you the best interview deliverables!